What to Do with a Muddy Carpet 

Right now, you might find yourself wondering how you should remove mud stains from your carpet. If you have pets in your home, you have probably had muddy prints of their paws on your carpet flooring. But, even if you do not have pets at home, muddy prints are still bound to take place, most especially with an extra muddy and wet winter season.  
Muddy Carpet

Below, you will be able to learn some easy and quick tips on how to effectively and efficiently remove mud stains from your carpet flooring. 

The most ideal trick to remove mud stains from your residential carpet flooring is to let it dry so that it will become a dry soil. This is due to the fact that dry soil can be vacuumed up easily without spreading any muddy soil and dirt around the surfaces of your flooring.  

However, you should also make sure that you contain the affected area of your carpet flooring while it is drying so that the other family members in your house will not walk through it as well as push it even deeper into the fibers of your carpet. Even after you finished vacuuming, you will still happen to notice a few muddy spots remaining on your carpet fibers.  

You can simply spot treat these areas using a spray bottle with water and white vinegar – a 50/50 mixture is a perfect carpet cleaner that you should keep on hand for most carpet spills – and you will be needing a white clean piece of cotton towel as well. Another perfect at-home spot cleaning solution that you can use on your carpet is to use a clear Windex, but you have to make sure that it is a clear vinegar variety. Begin by spraying the soiled spot lightly using the water and vinegar mixture and the press down using a white clean cotton towel that you have prepared.  

The towel will actually help in absorbing any mixture as well as bring any remaining soil. This procedure will actually leave your residential carpet flooring free from any residue, unlike most commercial spot cleaners that can only end up creating more damage to the fibers of your carpet by attracting more soil and dirt. Again, take your time and you should never be tempted to scrub the fibers of your carpet the moment you see mud stains on it. This is because scrubbing can only move the soil stain back and forth, while pressing down or blotting can help lift the soil and moisture up into the towel. 

In order to ensure that your carpet will not be damaged during the mud stain removal process, it’s highly advisable that you seek the professional help of expert and highly experienced carpet cleaners in Overland Park or in your area. This is because they are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable on how to provide high quality carpet cleaning service and they also carry the right tools and equipment to perform the job in a timely manner the first time around. 


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